GPS monitoring
for your apiary


Have you ever been afraid, that yours beehive will disappear without a trace?

Sabotage sensor with GPS locator in your beehive

ControlBee GPS is an intelligent sabotage sensor, which recognizes the scale of the hive hazards,
notify the owner and shows the current position of the hive on the map

Device detail
  • Checkout iconSafe for bees
  • Checkout iconUp to 10 months of work on the battery pack
  • Checkout iconFinding the lost hive
  • Checkout iconHive monitoring in real time
  • Checkout iconSIM card slot
  • Checkout iconNotification of moving beehive

How it works?

How it work hive How it work device How it work mobile

1) It's easy, you order the ControlBee GPS sensor in our online store or in your favorite beekeeping store.

2) After receiving the device, activate it in 3 simple steps and mount in the hive. After creating an account in the ControlBee Application, you will be able to monitor your hive from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

3) ControlBee detects vibrations and if a sabotage is detected, activates the GPS locator. The application will inform you about the alarm and display the last position of the bee hive on map.

Security icon

Security of the apiary

Sabotage sensor and GPS locator in one device
Minimum icon

Safe for bees

The intelligent sensor activates in the moment of danger
Time icon

Always ready to work

Very simple assembly and application
Gps control icon

GPS monitoring

Follow the beehive on the map
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ControlBee means more innovative products for the apiary
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No subscription

No additional fees required

Protecting your hive within reach

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